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Training Workhorses/Training Teamsters


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Second Edition

Small Farmer's Journal is after a new view of involvement, ownership, craftsmanship, and the understandable/mysterious seeds of magic. They also seek the craft of good farming and the faith that comes of thankful farming. Small Farmer's Journal wants to be defenders and agents of and for good farming and they realize that they are a small endeavor with small consequences.

This book combines two books into one. It covers the subjects of training horses to work in harness on the farm, in the woods, and on the road, and correcting behavior problems with work horses. It also trains people to drive and work horses.

Good workhorse partners are the result of training approaches born of patience, kindness, determination, and understanding. It's a hard job of slow sure steps. And it's a hard job that pays big dividends. There is no "only way" to train for good, trustworthy, willing workhorses. But the goal of each approach should be for smart, courageous, comfortable partners. For an in-depth explanation of a gentle trust-building approach to work horse training, read L. R. Miller's Training Workhorses/Training Teamsters.