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Protective Leg & Hoof Products

From Bell Boots~Interfence Boots~Spats~Leg Wraps~Shipping Boots~Shoe Boil Donuts~Treatment Boots

Cotton Wraps

Item#: BK0336

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Shipping Boots - Draft Size

Item#: BK0324

Shipping Boots Draft Size

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Contoured Rear Shipping Boots

Item#: BK0328

Shipping Boots for Rear Legs - sold by the pair

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Hock Sweats - Draft Size

Item#: BK0402

Draft Hock Sweats (Pair)

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Knee Boots - Draft Size

Item#: BK0409

Knee Boots (pair)

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Interference Boots - Draft Size

Item#: BK0504

Interference Boots (Pair)

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Pastern Band

Item#: BK0508

3" wide x 18" long

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Leather Spats

Item#: BK0529

Soft Leather Spats for protecting hair. (Pair)

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Leather Spats - Full Circle

Item#: BK0530

Soft Leather Spats for protecting hair. (Pair)

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Davis Treatment Boot

Item#: MS0539

Horse Boot with Therapeutic Pad - Available in 8 sizes

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Shoe Boil Doughnut

Item#: BK0339

Draft Size

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Bell Boots

Item#: BK0533

Davis Bell Boots protects heel & shoe. (Pair)

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Co-Flex Bandage

Item#: BK0337

Co-Flex Cohesive Flexible Bandage

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Leg Bandages

Item#: BK0334

Set of 4

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No Bow Wraps

Item#: BK0335

Set of 4 No Bow Wraps

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Leg Soakers

Item#: MS0234

Cool Inflammation Quickly

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White Lightning

Item#: MS0501

kills bacteria and fungal growth without harming healthy tissue

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