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Pennwood Products

"Horse products made by Horse People"

Pennwoods Equine Products: a company born from a family business that has a combined hands on horse experience of 110 years. Pennwoods was started with a single product in 1985, and the line has expanded over the years to more than fifteen products to date, all of which are manufactured in the family facility in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to supply the very best equine nutritional products available. We always have, and always will continue to provide the highest attention to detail in our quality control during production. Our products were developed based on the needs of our own horses, and made with the stringent standards you would use for your own horse.

We use only the finest ingredients, like organic selenium, Vitamin E Supra, 80% protein whey concentrate, full fat cooked soybeans, and human grade corn oil, to name a few examples, in the manufacturing of Pennwoods products. We also remain alert to current equine research and the availability of improved ingredients so that our product line constantly improves as well.

The fact that Pennwoods Products is based on a unique combination of actual horse owner experience, that we strive to maintain the highest possible standards in our product ingredients and manufacturing quality, and that we continually strive to set the bar for optimal equine nutritional products make Pennwoods unique in the equine industry. We are proud of our product line, and proud of the real world results they consistently produce for your horse.

Finally, we want to give each of our customers the personal touch of service and care that is important to us as well. We want to get to know you, your horses, and to hear what your needs are. We learn as much from our customers as we hope you do from us, and that experience makes us better at what we do for horses. Please call us. Someone will always answer between 8AM and 5PM Monday through Friday. Stop by and see us in Centre Hall at our facility, or come to see us at one of the events we attend. We look forward to meeting you, and hearing about your horse experience!


Pennwoods Staff

Nu-Life 2X Pellet - Pennwoods


Nu-Life in Pelleted form offers more palatability

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PEPY - Pennwoods


Supplement that provides probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes

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Nu-Life 2X + Biotin - Pennwoods


The Original Nu-Life 2X with added Biotin

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Essential E - Pennwoods


Vitamin E Supplement

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Essential Mag - Pennwoods


Magnesium enriched supplement

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Bio-Generation + HP - Pennwoods


Combination of Bio-Generation and HP

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GI Renew - Pennwoods


Aids in prevention of colic, soothes and heals ulcers and stimulates appetite and the immune system

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Whey Protien - Pennwoods


Nature's Perfect Protien

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Blue Label 2X - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-Blue

Blue Label is the standard of the Equine nutritional line - Now Double the Strength

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Bio Plus 60 2X - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-Bioplus

Bio Plus 60 is the same as Blue Label, but fortified with biotin - Now Double the Strength

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Nu-Life 2X - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-Nulife

Nu-Life is formulated for breeding mares and stallions - Now Double the Strength

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Body Builder 4000 - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-Body

Body Builder 4000 is protein nutritional supplement designed to promote weight gain.

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Nxt-Generation - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-NxtGen

Nxt-Generation the future in sound nutrition for today's horse!

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Bio Generation - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-BioGen

Bio-Generation contains extra biotin for hoof health.

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2 to 12 - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-2to12

Pennwoods 2 to 12 months, feed to young horses.

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13 to 36 - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-1336

Pennwoods 13 to 36 Advanced is a special blending of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

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HP Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-HP

Pennwoods HP is a fat-feed supplement.

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Super H2O - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-H20Drink

Super H20 is designed to get active horses the electrolytes they need.

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Super H2O PASTE - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-H20paste

Super H20 Paste is used as a supplement source of electrolytes.

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PennPro-B - Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-Probias

Penn Pro B is an easy way to give your horse probiotics.

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Free Choice Block- Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-FreeCh

Maintain your horses' nutritional balance even when housed or pastured in groups.

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Joint Plus Supplement-Pennwoods

Item#: Penn-Joint

This supplement greatly reduces joint inflammation and pain.

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