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Nu-Life 2X + Biotin - Pennwoods

 Item#: Penn-NuLife+Bio

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The Original Nu-Life 2X with BIOTIN ADDED!!

Pennwoods Nu Life 2X (Double Strength) is a blend of concentrated ingredients used in an enhanced formula created to provide nutritional balance for the increased dietary needs of breeding and performance horses. The unique combination of macro elements, organic micro elements, amino acids, vitamins, and essential B vitamins help strengthen the immune system, reduce the incidence of retained placenta in broodmares, and also reduce muscle fatigue in performance horses.

Use of Pennwoods Nu Life 2X (Double Strength) will:

  • Help Neutralize unseen mycotoxins allowing them to pass through your horse with no damage done
  • Aid in removing or detoxing the mycotoxins presently in your horse with no damage done
  • Supply elevated levels of Vitamin E and organic selenium required fro breeding and performance horses
  • Provide a concentrated yeast culture to improve digestion and feed efficiency
  • Supply increased levels of B complex vitamins especially important in breeding and performance horses
  • Also eliminates "Hot Spots" on horses

Available in:

  • 25 lb. Bag
  • 45lb. Bag