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Myler Combination Bit - 46ST High Purchase - 6"

 Item#: Combo46SThighpurchase

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Rawhide nose band and leather curb. The Myler combination bit starts with pressure from the nose to the curb allowing the horse the opportunity to break at the poll and relax before the mouthpiece engages. Independent side movement allows the rider/driver to pick up a shoulder independently. Used mainly on young horses that are just being started, as well as correcting older horses that need some tongue pressure to break at the poll.

The 46 is a curved mouthpiece with upward curve and solid in center with a twist on the bars. Forward tilt mouthpiece works well with intermediate and finished horses. It is good bit for lifting the horse which gets behind the bridle. Also, it is a good bit for stopping and works well for horses which need a lot of tongue relief. Works well in single, team driving and multiple driving. Must be used for correctional purposes only, with light hands and for a limited time to gain the horses' attention and respect. Prolonged use can result in souring a horse toward the correctional purpose of the bit