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Leads and Halter Accessories

Adjustable Cross Tie - BETA

Item#: HT0519B

Cross Tie - Beta

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White Show Bridle Connector Strap

Item#: HT0338

Adjustable connector strap - 29" to 33"

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Show Lead Leather

Item#: HT0340

Leather Lead

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White Cotton Lead with Chain

Item#: HT0526

Cotton lead with chain - 36"

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8' Round Nylon Rope Lead

Item#: HT0507

8' lead rope

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68" Flat Nylon Lead with Chain

Item#: HT0506

68" Flat Nylon Lead with chain.

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Adjustable Cross Ties

Item#: HT0519

flat nylon cross ties

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Adjustable Trailer Tie

Item#: HT0513

flat nylon trailer tie - Each

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Adjustable Trailer/Wash Rack Tie - BETA

Item#: HT0518

Beta trailer tie - Each

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20' Lunge Rope

Item#: HT0522

20' Lunge Line with chain

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Halter Tube

Item#: HT0303

Soft fleece halter tube

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