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Grazing Muzzle - Draft Size

 Item#: HT0610

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Draft Size Only
Best Friend® Deluxe Grazing Muzzles are recommended by equine health professionals to prevent as well as treat laminitis, founder, obesity, colic, and other diet-related diseases. The small opening in the bottom allows horses a limited amount of grass, yet unlimited water. Rather than being restricted to a non-grass environment to control intake, horses are free to exercise and socialize as part of the herd. A combination grazing muzzle and breakaway halter all in one, the design utilizes plastic side-release buckles as its breakaway feature. Each Deluxe muzzle comes with a spare buckle that can be easily attached in the field.
To use, adjust the muzzle to the horse using the same principles as the fit of a comfortable halter. Leave approximately one inch between the horse's mouth and the inside of the muzzle. The muzzle has a roomy fit to allow for chewing. You should be able to fit two to three fingers sideways between your horse's face and the muzzle. It's so easy to use, and costs less than purchasing a separate breakaway halter. The rubber bottom in the grazing muzzle is approximately ¼-inch thick.
Product Benefits:
  • Horse is happier as a result of not being kept away from both grass and outdoor buddies
  • Horse can get the required exercise (the average horse covers one mile per hour while grazing)
  • Disease prevention is easier and less expensive than a visit by the vet
  • All synthetic materials make it lightweight, rot-resistant, and well ventilated
  • Padded noseband helps resist rubbing and chafing
  • Durable, comfortable, and safe
  • Recommended by John Lyon’s Perfect Horse and The Horse Journal
  • Reduces bedding bill and stall-cleaning time
  • Peace of mind knowing your horse is happier and healthier