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Economy Team Work Harness

 Item#: HPB2801
    Hames Size

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Here is the "economy" work harness that SHS provides for our customers! This team set of harness includes two sides of harness, two bridles and is made in only Bio Plastic or Granite material. It comes with black hames & connectors, stainless steel hardware and a two-strap breeching. There is no leather used in this harness and lines are NOT included.

Available in Draft or Haflinger size. Does NOT include collars.

What is Bio-Plastic and Granite? To explain it simply, it’s nylon coated in plastic or rubber to help preserve the harness as well as make clean up easier. This process makes these materials 20%-30% stronger than leather. That being said, we do still like to use some leather in combination with these products in heavy-wear points to benefit the horse.  As far as looks, Bio Plastic has a high-gloss sheen while Granite has a dull finish designed to mimic leather. Bio Plastic and Granite harnesses come with lines made of Beta, a flexible rubber-coated nylon for a leather-like feel while our Leather harnesses come with leather lines.