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EM46 ST Myler Forward Tilt with Twist

 Item#: EM46ST Myler Forward Tilt
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    Curb Chain and Hooks
EM46ST Myler Forward Tilt

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Design: Curved mouthpiece with upward curve and solid in center with a twist on the bars. Forward tilt mouthpiece works well with intermediate and finished horses. It is good bit for lifting the horse which gets behind the bridle. Also, it is a good bit for stopping and works well for horses which need a lot of tongue relief. Works well in single, team driving and multiple driving. Must be used for correctional purposes only, with light hands and for a limited time to gain the horses' attention and respect. Prolonged use can result in souring a horse toward the correctional purpose of the bit


All IN-STOCK Myler Bits are available in 6" - Other sizes available