EM36ST Square Twist Forward Tilt Ported Barrel - Shipshewana Harness & Supplies
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EM36ST Square Twist Forward Tilt Ported Barrel

 Item#: EM36ST HINGE Myler Ported Hinge
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Bushings: Without Bushings
    Curb Chain and Hooks
    With Stops
EM36ST HINGE Myler Ported Hinge

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Design: Curved mouthpiece with slightly upward curve hinge in the center. Entire mouthpiece is tilted forward. Puts downward pressure on top of the bars, collapse on the bars is minimal as the hinge features a stop or limit to the amount of collapse. Offers tongue relief. The bit encourages the horse to break at the poll. This it is a good choice for an intermediate to finished horse. The curved mouth keeps him from getting behind the bit or inverting. The horse that has been working in the EM 36 and is ready for the team can go to this bit. This bit can be used single, team and in multiple hitches. Once the horse relaxes at the poll, the mouthpiece releases the tongue and works off the bars. Also available without bushing.


All IN-STOCK Myler Bits are available in 6" - Other sizes available