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EM31 Myler Mullen with Hinge - Square Twist

 Item#: EM31HINGESQUARETWISTMylerPortedHinge
Images of Selected Options:
Bushings: Without Bushings
    Curb Chain and Hooks

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Curved mouthpiece with upward curve and hinge in the center. Bars are a square twist. The Myler Ported Hinge mouthpiece works well with the intermediate and finished horse. This is a bit for horses that have been working in a MB 33PB in the cart and are ready for the team. It is a good bit for a horse that gets behind the bridle or have been hard mouthed historically. Good bit for a horse that is a leader horse who needs a little more authority in a multiple hitch. Must be used with light hands. This bit can be used single, team or in the multiple hitches. Also available without bushing.

Quick Guide to Options:

  • With Bushings - use for driving multiple horses
  • No Bushings - use for driving single horse

Curb Chain and Hooks

  • 12" long, stainless steel
  • Comes with 2 Hooks for attaching chain to bit
All IN-STOCK Myler Bits are available in 6" - Other sizes available