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Cathy Zahm Starting Colts in Harness I -DVD

 Item#: BV0416

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This dvd follows Cathy Zahm during her first three days of training three different green horses, using a bitting rig of her own design. She first shows how to tie the horse to keep things safe, then how to work in a round pen (for which she offers tips on design and construction). As she works each horse, she offers pointers on how to gauge each animal's progress and temperament.

When the horse is deemed ready, Cathy shows how to get it to accept a bridle and collar, then how to harness the horse and hitch it, paired with an experienced horse, to a breaking sled. While Cathy makes the process look easy, she also makes perfectly clear that patience is the key to successfully starting green colts.

The tape concludes with home videos showing problem horses, some of which demonstrate the unmistakable characteristics of an untrainable horse. Continuation of days 3 and 4 are shown in Starting Colts II.


A DVD series covering: bit selection, harness techniques, how to safely hitch and unhitch, and extreme examples of problem horses. The two tapes will guide you through the first three days of her round pen and bitting-rig training method. It also includes lots of helpful training tips.