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Body Builder Compete- Pennwoods

 Item#: Penn-BodyComp

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Body Builder Compete is a 34% fat, 34% protein nutritional supplement designed for competition, sale, and everyday workload. It takes our classic high fat Body Builder 4000 to the next level by adding Whey Protein Concentrate to provide extra calories needed to support heavy work load and improve performance for show and sale.
  • Promotes weight gain and peak body condition
  • Builds muscle and helps muscles recover more quickly from strenuous activity
  • Improves hoof quality
  • Ability to keep performance horses in top body condition during peak season.
  • High energy concentration & calories which permit lactation mares to maintain proper body weight.
  • A safe method of spring conditioning for horses

 Available in:

  • 25 lb. Bag - 50 Day Supply
  • 45 lb. Bag - 88 Day Supply