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Adjustable Cross Ties

 Item#: HT0519
Hardware Type: Adjustable from 48” to 84” long with Stainless Steel trigger bull snaps and floating ring.
    Hardware Type

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We are proud to say this product is manufactured RIGHT HERE in the shop!

48"-84" flat nylon cross tie with a snap to make it simple to move from place to place.

Offered with the following hardware options:

  • OUR MOST POPULAR OPTION: Stainless steel trigger bull snaps with swivels at each end and a floating stainless steel ring to make it easy to use when there isn't a ring wall fixture availible.  Simply flip the top part of the cross tie over the top rail of a box stall and snap it to the ring.
  • A nickel plated bull snap with a swivel at one end and a panic/quick-release snap at the other.  Made to snap to a ring wall fixture. 
  • Sold as a pair.