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3/4" Wide Nylon Halter

 Item#: HT0140
Chin Type: Standard (Single Ring)
Throat Latch: Throat Latch Snap (standard)
    Adjustable Nose
    Chin Type
    Extra Crown Buckle
    Throat Latch

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Made with strong, 2-ply nylon and no rust, Stainless Steel hardware.  Our nylon halters are available with multiple options for a halter that gets the job done and looks good doing it. 

  • Additional buckles in the crown, the nose band, and under the chin will give you that exact fit you're looking for.
  • A dee ring sewn into the nose band will keep the head up, allowing you to get that impeccably straight rolled mane.
  • The Canadian style ring under the chin is designed to keep the throat latch snap from breaking when the horse pulls back by diverting the pressure to the cheek pieces and crown, not the throat latch. 

Want to see what the option looks like?  Select the option above to see a picture.  

**The trim option is not available in this size halter.

Halter Size Chart
10’s – Mini
20’s – Pony
30’s – Weanling
40’s – Yearling
50’s – Small Horse
60’s – Horse
*Please note that the sizes are for mini’s to extra-large draft, if you have a question on what size you want please call.