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Draft Single Cart Show Harness - SHS

 Item#: HPB2505
Ornament Style: Diamond (standard)
    Britchen Option
    Collar Size
    Ornament Style

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This harness is in a class of its own.  After years of experience in the show ring, the owners of Shipshewana Harness have put together ideas that really work.  Our harness makers take great pride in every harness made but especially in the "Show" harness.  
When we say complete, we mean it.  This Single Show Harness comes with all the accessories needed to drive a cart horse. The strap-on housings fit 3 collar sizes. The Single Show Harness comes standard with a 3-strap britchen, 27” show collar, and diamond ornaments (other ornament options available!)
Collar sold separately.
Ornaments can be customized – please call if interested!